Take your Grilling seariously!

Premium Steakhouse Quality Right At Home  

You love beef and you love it the perfect way? Then step up to Searious Griling. Step up to The Beefer®! It enables you to produce famous “Premium Steakhouse Style Steaks” right in the comfort of your home.
The Beefer® turns your home into one of the best restaurants in town!

Beefer® One Pro

The new Beefer® One Pro features electrical spark ignition. So a touch of a button is all the Beefer® One Pro needs to heat up. It also achieves the legendary temperature of 800 degrees Celsius just as easily as its older brother - the Beefer® One.

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Beefer® XL

The Beefer® XL really is a Big Boy. It is the perfect device for extended families, outdoor kitchens, or people who simply like to party and enjoy perfect steaks in an elevated manner. The XL is powered by two High Performance Ceramic Heater Elements…allowing more Beefing room for numerous steaks or proteins at the same time.

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Beefer® XL Chef

The Beefer® XL Chef is the perfect device for Chefs and cooking professionals. It has been developed to suit professional needs in every sense, including two high performance ceramic heater elements that can be regulated separately.  This enables chefs to create two Beefing zones, one that can be really hot (like 1000 degrees) and another one that provides maximum heat at 1,500 degrees.

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Beefer® One Chef

With the Beefer® One Chef, the professional kitchen has a new model. Until now, only the large Beefer® XL Chef was approved for indoor use. With the small boss version, we now offer another inexpensive entry-level model with indoor approval for the 800-degree business.

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