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This is what real Beefer®s look like...
Take your Grilling seariously.
Beef it or leave it!

Premium Steakhouse Quality Right At Home

You love beef and you love it the perfect way? Then step up to Searious Griling. Step up to The Beefer®! It enables you to produce famous “Premium Steakhouse Style Steaks” right in the comfort of your home. The Beefer® turns your home into one of the best restaurants in town!

Perfect for Home or Restaurant

An increasing number of professionals worldwide are building their reputations with the help of The Beefer®’s incredible results. Quite simply, today’s modern and creative cooks need a ‘tool’ like The Beefer®. Indulge your guests every time with perfect beef, sea fruits, desserts and so much more.

Believe It: a Stunning 1,500 Degrees

The Beefer® is hot, REALLY hot. In fact, its 1500°F is German-designed to produce blazing heat for the perfectly grilled steaks. Typical gas grills can reach up to 500-600°F. A good charcoal grill will go a little higher. But neither can reach the serious heat of The Beefer®.

The Beefer®’s secret: top-down maximum heat

Thanks to the high-performance, top-mounted ceramic burner, juice and fat are not able to drain into the typical flames of a grill. That means no flavor loss: juices are captured in a tray to prepare awesome sauces. Undesirable substances never find their way into your juicy steak.

Made in Germany Form + Function

The Germans are known for their lack of humor. This is good thing when it comes to quality. Because when it comes to grilling, The Beefer® is the Porsche of grills. It’s sturdy, well engineered and perfectly handcrafted. You will note the perfection at first touch.

Flavor Alert: enjoy every drop

A regular grill uses a heat source from below, where a lot of a steak’s juice is lost and eventually burned away. Thanks to its top-mounted ceramic heat source, The Beefer® allows you to catch every drop of juice to reuse as you add layers of flavor to your perfect steak or side dishes!

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