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800 degrees from your socket?

After several years of intensive development, we have succeeded in generating real 800 degrees purely electrically. The emphasis here is on 'real 800 degrees': Real 800 degrees Celsius in the cooking chamber - this means that from now on you can use the full potential of a Beefer in your private kitchen, on the terrace or wherever it is still dry and protected from rain.

Gratin Express

The E-Beefer is of the particularly fast variety: While your oven easily needs up to 20 minutes until cheese becomes something edible, the E-Beefer can reach at least 800 degrees Celsius in well under 5 minutes. And not in the burner, but in the upper cooking space, just as it should be for a real Beefer. Then a hand's breadth of cheese under the burner!

800° inside – nice and cool outside

This is a real tour de force of which we are a little proud: because the extremely efficient ventilation system of the E-Beefer allows enormous amounts of air to circulate in the double wall of the device and reliably ensures that the outer surfaces are just lukewarm. This is one of the reasons why we have succeeded in approving the E-Beefer as a pure household appliance with GS certification (tested safety). That's why you can use it at home in the kitchen. cool right?

Hand on heart

800 degrees without a heavy or empty gas cylinder has something to offer. Especially when you can stand in the kitchen when the weather is really bad and watch how aromas are created in just a few seconds. Of course you should have a powerful extractor hood.

Full Beefer accessories

Of course, we designed the E-Beefer in such a way that the entire range of accessories from our Beefer One and Beefer One Pro and Beefer One Chef models fits - that's almost 25 finest accessories that turn your E-Beefer into a real powerhouse for good taste do. There really is no reason not to own a Beefer anymore.
And now everyone: “E belongs to me, like my name…”

Additional information

The E-Beefer Pro is an electrical household appliance according to DIN 60335, which means that the Beefer can be used indoors. The power consumption is 2.6 kW (approx. 12 amps). Our 800 degree top heat grill is certified according to the strict GS Intertek guidelines. A real Beefer!

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