Cover hood for Beefer One & Trolley (small)

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Protect your Beefer One / One Pro / One Chef together with your trolley.

An extremely hard-wearing and weatherproof cover made of woven, UV-resistant polyethylene (PVC). This robust hood is simply put over your Beefer trolley combination. With a practical zipper on the side that is concealed by a double textile seam. Beefer One / One Pro / One Chef and our "small" trolley are perfectly protected from wind and weather in no time at all. All of this is stored - when not in use - in a bag that is no less attractive and practical and can definitely be described as square. Also on it, the cover for the cover, is the brilliant 'B' that conjures up so much joy on the palate of this world. Yes, that's madness: shell - shell - shell Fits for: Beefer One | Beefer One Chef | Beefer One Pro in combination with our small trolley Dimensions: 124 cm high 42 cm wide 53 cm depth Packaging / bag dimensions: 34 cm high x 32 cm wide x 5 cm deep Weight (including bag): 1.15 kg

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